Traffic Control

We promise to provide the best flagging service you can find.

We have the newest and best equipment and offer a guarantee to meet your needs as well as background checks for all flaggers.

Nighttime Work

Flagger Teams Per Hour

Traffic Control Supervisors

Standard Truck and Flagger Team (Day Rate)

Site Set Up and Leave

Arrowboard Rentals

Sign and Stand Rentals

Barrels, Drums, Barricade Rentals

Traffic Control Plan Design

Multiple-Lane Closures

Multiple Teams

Government Work

the Process

Full Service From Start to Finish

Here’s How We Work:


We Design It.

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We can conceptualize, plan, and design your project.


We Build It.

Once project plans are set in place, we can build and construct from start to finish.


We Sell It.

Once services are prepared and ready, we can even market and sell the product for you.


We Install It.

After the sale, our fulfillment team will install and set up the service on site.

Tony & Christian Whitehead

ceo & coo

Our Commitment

Commitment to Your Family,
From Our Family.

Whether you’re a provider or a customer, you are family. Our StarTAK team is family and made up of families. This is what pushes us every day to provide top-notch communication & professionalism. We’re on a mission to be your one-stop shop.

We offer comprehensive solutions backed by innovation. We have and always will be relationship-focused with flexibility in mind. We don’t just care about you, we care about your customers, and our ability to scale and adapt is limitless.