What We Can Help With

Our Services


  • OSP Engineering
  • Fiber Network Design
  • Utility Coordination
  • Permit Processes


  • Directional Drilling
  • Aerial Wirelines
  • Underground Wirelines
  • Fiber Optics

Sales & Marketing

  • Door to Door Sales
  • Call Center Support
  • Marketing Team
  • and more

Service Drops

  • Directional Boring
  • Missile Boring
  • Aerial Self Support
  • Hand Dig
  • Aerial Strand and Lash


  • FTTH & FTTP Installs
  • Broadband Installation
  • Splicing Services
  • MDU Rewires


StarTAK’s engineering division is focused on designing and engineering construction ready and practical designs for fiber providers throughout the nation. We can help you with planning, network design, and project management for projects big and small.

OSP Engineering

Fiber Network Walkout and Design

Utility pole “make ready” coordination

Permit Preparation and Submittal


StarTAK’s construction division supports our ability to provide large scale FTTP and CATV development throughout the nation. For projects big and small, we provide everything from infrastructure buildout to emergency restoration.

Directional Drilling

Aerial Wireline Construction

Underground Wireline Construction

Fiber Optic Splicing and Termination

Fiber Optic Testing and Characterization

Emergency Restoration

Manhole and Handhole Placements

Sales & Marketing

StarTAK provides enhanced value that delivers for our clients through our innovative and robust sales and marketing programs. We are the nations most efficient and fastest growing sales force.

Door to Door Sales

Call Center

Marketing Team

Service Drops

StarTAK’s service drops team supports our ability to provide large scale FTTP and CATV development throughout the nation. Properly equipped, our teams complete more than 8,000 drops per week with a customer satisfaction score of over 97.5%.

Directional Boring

Missile Boring

Aerial Self Support

Aerial Strand and Lash

Hand Dig


Deploying over 1,200 technicians daily, StarTAK provides industry-leading customer service through our residential and commercial installation and repair. Our installation team performs over 10,000 installations per week with industry leading customer satisfaction scores.

FTTH and FTTP Installation

Broadband installation

Fusion / Mechanical splicing

Commercial and Residential

MDU Rewires

StarTAK's commitment to safety is top priority for everyone involved.

Commitment to Safety

StarTAK is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and the communities in which we work.Our Health and Safety Program complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, as well as our own exceptional standards. Our objective is to surpass best practices while eliminating or mitigating hazards that expose our personnel to injuries and illnesses. We hold our employees to the highest safety standards while also identifying new hazards and constantly evolving and improving our safety program and culture.

Safety first, The StarTAK way