Our Six Pillars of Leadership

published on 11. April 2024
At StarTAK Fiber, we are dedicated to embodying our six pillars of leadership, which serve as the bedrock of our company’s culture. We aspire for each team member to not only apply these pillars in their daily work but also integrate them into their personal lives.
Here are the six pillars our company values:
RESPECT: acknowledging and valuing the feelings, beliefs, and rights of others, treating everyone with dignity and consideration.
INTEGRITY: adhering to moral and ethical principles, being honest and trustworthy, and maintaining consistency in actions and values even when nobody’s watching.
QUALITY: the standard of excellence of something, measured against similar things. The excellence of products or services.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: the assistance and support provided to customers before, during, and after their purchase or use of a product or service, addressing their needs and concerns promptly and effectively.
RESPONSIBILITY: the duty or control over something, involving being accountable for actions and fulfilling obligations and commitments.
TEAMWORK: the collaborative effort of a group, working together towards a common goal, leveraging individual skills, and providing mutual support to achieve shared objectives.